Rhythmic Gymnastics is a female Olympic sport that combines the technical skills of ballet, dance and strength of gymnastics, displaying floor routines (free hand) and routines with the use of apparatuses such as Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs, & Ribbon. The disciplines of Rhythmic Gymnastics include individual or Group exercise (5 gymnasts performing simultaneously).
At Manhattan Rhythmics we strive to integrate all disciplines to perfect coordination, musicality, flexibility, strength, and stamina. We combine the grace and skills of classical ballet training, include various styles of dance, folk dance, lyrical jazz, modern, and contemporary.

Coach, Esma-May Brown


Esma-May trained in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the U.S.
In her career as a gymnast, Esma trained with legendary American and Russian coaches such as Wendy Hilliard & Natasha Kirienko.

Esma-May won medals & titles through out the tri-state area, including N.Y. State Champion in 1994, 1995 & the 1996 M.I.P Award from U.N.I.S.

At 14, Esma became Algeria’s 1st Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team member, while training in the U.S. with Isadora Rhythmics. Esma went on to win a Bronze medal in the 1998 All African Games in Namibia. Once her training concluded, Esma continued to coach and choreograph for NYC based organizations such as the Wendy Hilliard Foundation, & Big Apple Rhythmics, & Isadora Rhythmics.

Her career as a recreational coach include Sokol N.Y (UES), NYC Elite (SOHO) & Jodi’s Gym. Her passion & love for the sport led Esma to create Manhattan Rhythmics & offer the generations to come the exposure and opportunity to take part in the sport of R.G and Dance.

Esma-May is a certified USAG professional member and CPR certified.

Coach, Silviya Taseva


A native from Bulgaria, Silviya began her Rhythmic Gymnastics training and competitive career at the age of 4 coached by one of the world’s most famous rhythmics gymnastics coaches in the field.

Silviya was invited to join the Bulgarian National Gymnastics Team at the age of 12. Her personal achievements include: , Bronze Medalist of the European Championship, 5-time Bulgarian National Champion, Gold medalist in numerous International and World Level Tournaments.

Silviya has been the head coach and choreographer of the 2-time Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior Group National Champions of the USA, the leading coach and choreographer of the National Junior Individual Team of Puerto Rico, as well as multiple State, Regional and National individual rhythmic gymnastics champions. She has also acted as a personal coach for various world famous celebrities as the daughter of the pop icon Madonna, Lourdes Ciccone.

Silviya Taseva is an unique, multi-talented asset to the Entertainment Industry. She continues to lead a fulfilling career as a successful Gymnastics and Dance Choreographer, Performing artist and Model. She has appeared in many commercials, multiple popular television and fashion shows, music videos, beauty contests, and toured with top recording artists

Silviya is a certified USAG professional member and CPR certified.

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