Our Acro for Dancers class is the perfect fit for dancers, performers, and individuals looking to learn the specific technique of a variety of acro-body skills. This class is designed to enhance your acrobatic abilities and incorporate them into your dance or performance routines.
The class is held once per week and begins with a light warm-up to prepare the body for the learning process. Participants will then transition into the instruction and practice of various acro skills, including but not limited to: Illusion: A popular acro skill that creates the illusion of floating or balancing on one leg while extending the other leg in the air. Walkover (Forward/Backward): This skill involves smoothly transitioning from a standing position to a bridge position or vice versa, either moving forward or backward. Chest-roll: A dynamic skill where the body rolls forward or backward, using the chest as the primary contact point with the floor. "Barrel": A challenging skill that involves rolling the body in a circular motion, similar to a barrel roll. Cartwheel Variations: Participants will learn various variations of the traditional cartwheel, including one-handed cartwheels, aerial cartwheels, and more.
Throughout the class, our experienced instructors will provide guidance and support as you learn and refine these acro skills. They will focus on proper technique, alignment, and execution to ensure safety and optimal performance.
By participating in our Acro for Dancers class, you will expand your repertoire of acro skills, adding a dynamic element to your dance or performance routines. Join us and unlock your acrobatic potential in a fun and supportive environment.






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