Our Adult & Stretching RG class at our Upper West side location is the perfect fit for individuals aged 16 and older who are interested in enhancing their Rhythmic Gymnastics skills. This class is well-suited for beginners, former athletes, and performers who are looking to develop their abilities in R.G.The class begins with an intensified warm-up, which helps to prepare the body for the training session ahead. Advanced stretching techniques are incorporated to improve flexibility, which is a crucial aspect of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Strengthening and conditioning exercises are also included, helping participants build the necessary strength and stamina required for this demanding sport.The class concludes with apparatus work, where participants will have the opportunity to work with various R.G apparatus, including the Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs, and Ribbon. These apparatus will be combined with body skills, acrobatics, and choreography to create dynamic and expressive routines.We offer a drop-in option for this class, allowing individuals to attend on a flexible basis. Whether you want to try out a single class or attend regularly, you are welcome to join us and experience the benefits of Rhythmic Gymnastics training.Join our Adult & Stretching RG class and take your Rhythmic Gymnastics skills to the next level. Improve your flexibility, strength, and technique while enjoying the artistic and expressive nature of this captivating sport.







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